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Coco Nipple Cover

Coco Nipple Cover

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The perfect nipple cover for silk and backless dresses. Our breathable nipple covers are designed with 100% medical grade silicone (which means your skin won't be irritated) and once on they feel like you have nothing on!

These beauties are created to withstand the hottest of temperatures and the coldest of temps.

Available in 3 different sizes 7cm, 8cm and 10cm (coming soon in 13cm)

We recommend choosing a nipple cover in a size according to your bust size and also in a shade closest to your skin tone. 

7cm for AA - A cup, 8cm B cup, 10cm for C-D cup 13cm (preorder) for DD and over. If you are looking for a little lift we recommend upsizing and placing the nipple cover on below the bust and pulling up and sticking on.

Coco is the deepest shade available.

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